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Are you a:

If you have a multiple locations for your organization, enter the aggregate total of visitors to your site(s) per month.

If you have multiple events, take the aggregate visitors to your event sites per year and divide by 12.

How many attendees do you have at your event(s) each month?

How many visitors to your non-profit website do you have? Alternatively, how many donors do you have in your donor database?

Enter the total unique visitors to your site(s) per month.

If you are a software firm that provides your product to multiple organizations that fit these characteristics, answer the following questions in the aggregate for all of your clients

What percentage of the visitors are likely to need or want a hotel room (whether local or out of town)?

What is the average number of nights that visitors or event attendees would stay?

(*) This tool is to help you predict performance and estimate results for high level planning. These results are based on other customers’ experience and best practices. Situations vary and Solutionz offers no guarantee of these results. The TripProximity implementation team is happy to work with you to ensure the best results. The actual results will depend on the actual average daily room rate for the bookings made on your site or blog, plus the average length of stay. Payment will be made quarterly for booking royalties and annually for charitable contribution.